A versatile and compact machine capable to handle full variety of tissue products.

Folded towel 

Napkin packs

Industrial rolls

Facial boxes


model CF25


Model 8450

model crp60

A revolutionary design automatically upends rolls, precisely positions rolls under the Reformer / Plugger Stations, while intelligently dispenses and places the plug in the center of the core.  Its flexibility allows quick product changes between industrial rolls, hardwound towels, center pull and jumbo rolls.  

The model BND-25 log bander integrates the lastest technology allowing simplified operator interface and easy machine set up for operation.
Advanced electronic and mechanical design results in a high performance bander accurately banding up over 25 logs per minute. 


An innovative process to collate and bundle tissue products. Its design allows for easy operator adjustments in order to accommodate brand change over with minimal time require.

Single bathroom tissue roll

Single kitchen towel roll 


Triple layer configuration

model bnd25



model CP2000

reforming / plugging


The experience of designing conveyor systems for numerous customers worldwide has given VTP a full appreciation of the importance of a reliable and long lasting conveyor system to converting operations.

model CP2000S

An innovative single roll packaging machine designed for wrapping bath and kitchen towel roll in polyethylene, and polypropylene and paper.  

The number ONE single roll wrapper in North America.  Wrapping up to 220 rolls per minute.

The 8450 model automatically wraps bathroom tissue rolls in single paper wrapped package. 


VTP offers an entire family of diverters capable of diverting any and all of the tissue products converted thoughout the world. We offer over 200 different styles of diverters such as: Servo diverters and gated diverters for wrapped and unwrapped product.




The CP2000 automatically erects the boxes, collates the product into the proper case configuration and loads it into the box.

Single rolls
Multipack products
Jumbo rolls / Hard wound rolls

An upper and bottom belted system collates the product into the correct bundle configuration.  The continuous motion concept allows the product to flow into the forming shoulder without the need of a pusher. 

Bathroom tissue roll

Kitchen towel roll